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What You'll Learn

  • 1
    Module One - Fundamentals of Coaching
    • How to use this course
    • A message from your instructor
    • Before we begin...
    • Deep Dive - The Wheel of Life Coaching Tool
    • The Wheel of Life Coaching Tool
    • What is Coaching?
    • What’s the difference between Coaching and Consulting, Mentoring, Counselling and Psychotherapy?
    • When and how to refer a client to therapy or other helping professions
    • Exercise: What Makes My Heart Sing?
    • Test Your learning
  • 2
    Module Two - Coaching Presence
    • The Importance of Listening Skills
    • How to Expand Your Listening Awareness
    • Exercise: Practising Deep Listening
  • 3
    Module Three - Active Listening
    • Why Active Listening
    • How to be a Highly Effective Listener
    • 8 Steps To Active Listening
    • Listening with Curiosity
  • 4
    Module Four - Coaching Relationships
    • Why Coaching Relationships Matter
    • How to Build Coaching Relationships That Flourish
    • Starting A Coaching Relationship - The Discovery Session
  • 5
    Module Five - Powerful Questioning
    • Why Powerful Questions are at the Heart of Coaching
    • Asking Why?
    • Overcoming Common Asking Mistakes
  • 6
    Module Six - Effective Coaching Models
    • Using Coaching Models
    • Introducing GROW model
    • Example Powerful Questions for GROW model
  • 7
    Module Seven - Goal Setting & Accountability
    • Goal Setting
    • Accountability


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